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Use the web version of OilTrails to locate a well. Well data and weather will be displayed below.

LSD lookup on the web is limited. The mobile app can find any valid LSD.

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OilTrails on iPad and iPhone

Finding locations made simple.

Just enter the LSD.

The oilfield can be a harsh place to work. Any experienced hand knows to use the right tools for the job. Show up to location on time and prepared using the OilTrails Lease Locator.

OilTrails will navigate you to oil and gas sites in even the most remote areas. If you only have the downhole LSD, the app will notify you if there is a surface location.

Enter your LSD, and OilTrails will navigate you there. Even If you lose service along the way, the app will continue to guide you.


Find location, get turn-by-turn directions, view well data, weather forecasts, drop pins to see location name, and share well info and location with OilTrails. The only app that combines all these features with a simple yet powerful interface.

Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation

Use Apple Maps, Google Maps, or the built in MapBox Maps to get turn-by-turn to location.

Well Data

View well information such as the operating company, depth, drill date, current status, downhole fluid, formation, and more.


Find oil and gas sites in Canada, the US, and Australia


See the current, future, and past weather specific to the location entered. View the past precipitation of the previous 3 days.


Easily view and visit past locations. Makes it a snap to check the weather or start navigation to your destination.

Drop A Pin

Drop a pin in the in-app map to get location LSD and well information.

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