Version Update 7/26/23

iOS Version 2.2.400 and Android Version 2.0.29 Now Rolling Out

July 26, 2023

Version Update 7/26/23

Hello OilTrails users! We’re thrilled to announce a new update to our mobile app, both on iOS (version 2.2.400) and Android (version 2.0.29). This version introduces numerous changes under the hood, which while not directly noticeable to users, significantly enhance the app’s functionality and performance.

As mentioned in our July Update, this will be a required update. This is because we have changed how locations are accessed. In a couple weeks users who have not updated to at least this version will get an in app notification. A couple weeks later, users who have not updated may get errors when searching certain locations.

Offline LSD and NTS Lookups Expanded

A key highlight of this update is the expanded Offline LSD and NTS Lookups. These features are now available for British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Alberta users have been enjoying this functionality since last year, and now we’re excited to roll it out to more provinces.

For now, these offline lookup enhancements are only available on the iOS version of OilTrails, but Android users, don’t worry! We’re working diligently to bring these changes to the Android platform soon.

This update is in slow rollout at the moment, but for those eager to experience these enhancements, you can download it manually from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The Future: Offline Reverse Geocoding

We’re also excited to share that we’re planning to introduce Offline Reverse Geocoding to the rest of the provinces (it’s already available in Alberta) in future updates. But for now, our focus is on ensuring a stable release of the current changes.

Your Feedback Matters

We’re committed to providing the best user experience, and we appreciate your help in doing that. If you experience any unusual behavior with the app following this update, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

You can reach us anytime here.

Thanks for being part of the OilTrails journey and making it a trusted tool for navigating the oil and gas world.