GeoPics iOS Version 2.2.401

GeoPics Update

July 29, 2023

A worker taking a picture of a pump jack with GeoPics

We have released a new update to GeoPics (version 2.2.401). This update includes an important bug fix that improves the user experience, especially for those outside of North America.

Bug Fix: Location Not Found

Previously, some users outside of North America encountered an issue where the app would return a “location not found” error. We’re pleased to report that this issue has been resolved in the new update. Now, GeoPics functions as expected, stamping your photos with the GPS coordinates, no matter where in the world you are. This ensures you’ll always have the geographical context of your photos at your fingertips.

What is Geopics?

GeoPics is a specialized app designed to make field operations seamless. When you take a picture with your device camera, GeoPics stamps it with your location information, timestamp, and a unique location QR code.

For those in Western Canada, the app also includes LSD and NTS coordinates along with GPS and UTM coordinates and elevation data. The timestamp is comprehensive, including date, time with seconds, and the time zone.

After snapping a photo, you have the option to add a comment. You can then save the GeoPic to your photo library or share it with someone in your contacts via iMessage, SMS, or email.

The built-in QR code is a particularly handy feature. It allows others to quickly view the location on a map either by scanning the QR code with their smartphone camera or long tapping on it if the photo is on their device.

GeoPics is a simple, efficient tool for anyone needing to share detailed location data in one easy step. Check out the free stand alone app here, it is also included in the OilTrails app.