October Update

Exciting October Updates from OilTrails: Faster, Broader, and More Efficient!

October 13, 2023

A pickup driving through the mountains at sunset
Journeying through the golden plains, with or without service.

Hello all,

October is already shaping up to be a month of tremendous progress for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to share these major enhancements with you. From drastically improved processing times to high-resolution GeoPics, we’re continually pushing the boundaries to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Expanding Our Horizons: Offline LSD and NTS Lookups

We’re thrilled to announce that with the latest release of Android Version 2.1.004, Offline LSD and NTS lookups have been expanded beyond Alberta to cover all of Western Canada (with the exception of the Peace River Block).

But that’s not all. Along with this broader coverage, we’ve made a massive leap in our processing times. A quick glance at our impressive performance metrics on a Galaxy S10, a device now four years old, reveals:

  • Old System (Only Alberta): 5.8 seconds to initialize data, 1.7 seconds for location lookup.
  • New Western Canada System: 1.4 seconds to initialize, and a blazing 9 MILLISECONDS for location lookup!

Additionally, our offline reverse geocoding times have seen a significant boost:

  • Old System: 773ms
  • New System: 23ms

Remember, while the old system was limited to Alberta, our new offline LSD locator system spans across most of Western Canada, making this speed-up all the more impressive!

GeoPics - Now Even Better!

For our Android users, GeoPics has undergone a major overhaul:

  • Higher Resolution Photos: No longer restricted to just your phone’s screen resolution.
  • A New Gallery: Effortlessly save each picture along with its associated data. Snap now and fine-tune your captions later. Plus, view each photo’s LSD and the date it was taken.
  • Temperature Indicator: Include the temperature in your GeoPics, so you can always remember how hot or cold it was when you took that picture.
  • QR Code Integration: Share the exact location of your GeoPic with just a scan!
  • Enhanced Text Options: Use and edit text from your last five GeoPics or craft something new. Plus, the dynamic data saving means you can edit your captions anytime.
  • Offline Capabilities: With our recent reverse geocoding enhancements, GeoPics can now be utilized offline, ensuring you capture every moment even in remote locations.

A Touch on iOS Updates

Our iOS users haven’t been left out. Version 2.2.411 has been refined with crucial hotfixes, ensuring a stable and smooth user experience.

In Summary:

All versions of OilTrails, whether on Android or iOS, now possess the capability to perform Offline Lookups and Reverse Geocoding across Western Canada, be it NTS or LSD. Paired with the offline map capabilities from giants like Google and Apple Maps, this guarantees that no matter where you are, you can ALWAYS find and get to your destination with confidence using the OilTrails LSD finder.

We’re relentlessly working to improve OilTrails for you. Each update reflects our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. Your feedback is our compass, so please contact us with any suggestions or queries.

Thank you for journeying with us on these less-travelled roads. Here’s to even more advancements in the coming months!