Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Ash Point Ltd. ("us", "we", or "our") operates the OilTrails mobile app. Your privacy remains our top priority, and this policy outlines our commitment and practices regarding user data.

1. Personal Data Collection:

Our software doesn't pry. OilTrails doesn't capture personal identifiers. We've made a conscious decision to exclude tracking or advertising mechanisms, so users are spared unsolicited advertisements or any user profiling.

2. No Account Needed:

The design of OilTrails values user privacy and convenience. There's no obligation to create an account or share personal details.

3. Location Permissions:

Initially, OilTrails requests location permissions. Affirming this:

  • Accurately displays your spot on our map.
  • Computes distances and estimated travel durations to chosen destinations.
  • Activates turn-by-turn in-app directions.

This data remains solely on-device, ensuring no external storage or transfer. If you prefer not to grant these permissions, the app remains functional but without the aforementioned features.

4. Stored Locations & Search Queries:

User convenience drives us. Thus, recent location queries are saved on-device. iOS devices can sync these locations across devices via Apple's iCloud. Android patrons, after choosing to create an account, can sync data using the Google Cloud Database. Additionally, search queries may be logged, accessible only to the developer, assisting us in refining and enhancing the app further.

5. Well Information Database Access:

Tapping into our well database shares basic data like device type, OS, app bundle ID, and platform. This anonymous data helps our database provider gauge platform use and influence feature choices.

6. Bug Report and Crash Reporting:

Bugs can be reported swiftly with our in-app feature. Sometimes, to resolve issues quicker, the app may ask users for diagnostic data like past searches or subscription details, but sharing remains optional. All provided information is purely for troubleshooting.
Additionally, for enhancing the quality and stability of our app, we may collect crash logs. These logs are strictly for app improvement purposes and don't contain any personally identifiable information.

7. Privacy Policy Amendments:

As we grow, occasional policy revisions might occur. We commit to transparently communicating these on this page. Regular check-ins are advised to remain informed. All policy changes become effective upon their date of posting.

Reach Out

Any privacy concerns or inquiries? Our dedicated team is eager to assist. Please Contact us.

Edit History

2023-01-13: Added how the Android data is synced between user devices.

2023-08-17: Added crash logging